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What is the benefit of Potential registration in the system?

Any phone call, e-mail, conversation or meeting, any received buying signal is a potential client or deal (in a system called as "Potential") - the basis of your business growth and profit. One of the basic ideas of system is an option to register all Potentials without any risk to forget or ignore some of them.

Registering potential deals system will show the future vision and earning opportunities of your business 


System opportunities

  • To register (add) potential deals and all related information in the system

  • To set tasks in order to result potentials in real business deals

  • To set the responsible persons for task accomplishment

  • To set task deadlines 

  • To add comments and notes about the task accomplishment


Your benefits


  • Registering potentials, the database of potential and real clients is developing automatically in the system. If a real cooperation with some of potential clients is not forming initially, you still have got your business gold resource - client contact information that you can use in future projects.
  • There is always the responsible person for every task and work, and there is no possibility to delete the responsibility. Once the responsible person has been set in the system, there is no risk that at some moment the tasks are uncontrolled or the client has not received the response (for example, if the responsible employee is ill or on holiday). Of course, at any time with a single click you can change the responsible person and you will always see which employee is working on which project.
  • You should not allow the potential to become irrelevant, therefore it is so important to start the work on its implementation as quickly as possible. Exactly at the same moment when the potential is registered in the system, the time countdown has begun for its realization. Thus, fully the risk of "work to postpone" is eliminated. The system allows you to identify and track tasks quickly which are approaching deadline
  • In the process of task realization you can post comments about their progress in a free text format. The end in itself of the system is not just to accumulate the information and to make their users to fill in massive information fields. Each deal and the process of its realization can be unique, so the free text format for comments has been created deliberately, without limiting system users with predefined and un unchangeable information fields. In our opinion, it is not decisive to count how many e-mails are sent or how many phone calls are made ​​to successfully complete the deal. The history of all comments and corrections accumulated chronologically in the system, forming a complete overview of the accomplishment of the work
  • Data about the responsible persons, deadlines and work progress make the statistical database about the unsuccessful (rejected) and successfully realized potentials. In this way, business management is provided with a valid, complete information and data for making the analysis of business efficiency
How to register and reject potential in the system?

In the Potential section you can register and administer potentials

Section „Potential list”

To add potential click the gray button "Add" and a new section "Potential" will be created


Section „Potential”


Read more filling the Partner section here
Read more filling the reponsible persons section here
Read more filling the History section here


Information about Potential

In the section "Information about the potential" you can enter information about potential: 

task, start date, due date, description, sum

Section „Information about the potential” 


In box "Task" you can enter tasks or activity (or activities) which should be done to realize the concrete potential

In box "Start date" system will automatically enter the date when the potential is registered

In box "Due date" you can choose the date (term) when the task must be done 

In box "Description" you can enter more detailed description of the accomplishment of the concrete task and the realization of the potential in a free text format

In box "Sum" you can enter the amount of potential (for informational purposes without relation to the further steps of the system)



When the section "Potential" is filled with information click the gray button "Save"



To print the section "Potential" with the information filled click the gray button "Print"


 Potential rejection


If the potential for some reason fails to realize click the gray button "Reject" 

Section "Potential"



Potential list

When potentials are added in system a new section "Potential list" will be created where you can view all potentials 

Section  „Potential list”


In the column "Status" the status of each potential is shown

Potential may have the following statuses: New (Potential), Rejected, Offer, Project , Invoice

In the column "Responsible person" the responsible person for the implementation if each potential is shown. If the responsible one is changed, then the current responsible person is shown in the column 

In the column "Duration" it is shown for how long each potential is in the status of potential since registration (in the status "New")

To delete one or more potentials click the red cross "Delete" which is opposite the concrete potential in the column "Actions"

To edit information about some of the potentials: 

  • click the yellow color pencil symbol "Edit" in the column "'Actions" opposite the concrete potential
  • place your computer's mouse on the potential's line (it will be colored dark) and double click 

In order to simplify the search of records use filter fields (Search by ..) on top of each column as well as the box "Search"

To change the number of records that displays within the same page in box "Show [the number] records" enter the necessary number of records

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I am in business for 17 years and know what is really important - the promise given to your customer is important. But no less important is to realize how profitable is every deal. It is really great that finally a simple and effective business management system for small business is available, which wont allow to forget any sort of work, will help to control the cost of individual business projects. Even available in Latvian language! Keep it on, Orton!

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