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Before using the program "OrtonCRM", please carefully read these Terms of Use of the program (hereinafter - Terms). 

A service provider "Management System" Ltd offers to use online the order accountancy and accomplishment coordination program OrtonCRM (hereinafter - the program) for a fee"Management System" Ltd is registered in the Register of Enterprises of the Republic of Latvia under number 40103688431, legal address: Jaunsaules street  5b-19, Riga, LV-1083 (hereinafter - Management System).

The program is usable with any modern Internet browser. Management System is the program developer and owner.

User - either a legal entity or a physical person who has attained 18 years of age. 

The user is responsible for a set of resources that are needed to use the program online - a computer or other device and internet connection.

The user through the program is entitled to create documents, save them on the user's computer and send to others. The user understands that the program is only a set of technical tools, which is used by the user according to his intentions and skills. Therefore Management System is not responsible for the consistency to the user needs of the documents created by the user.  

The starting of using the program implies a full agreement to the Terms. If the user doesn't agree to the Terms, the user is not entitled to use the program.

The user is responsible for the safe saving of his/her username, password and other personal information, as well as for all activities that occur when accessing the Program with the User username and password. The user is fully responsible for the conduct of the person to whom it transfers your username or password. 

The user undertakes to inform immediately Management System about all attempts of unauthorized use or other illegal activities with the user username and password by sending an e-mail to address: or by calling the phone number indicated in the website 

Management System is not responsible for the loss or damage to the user or any third party, which has arisen in connection with unauthorized access to user data. 

Management System has the right to make amendments to the Terms at any time, as well as change the payment terms and service prices, publishing the changes in website User's responsibility to independently read change in the website 

The user has the right to discontinue the Service use at any time, if the user is not satisfied with the amendments to the Terms, payment terms or price changes.

If the User continues to use the program after the amendment of the Terms of Use or payment rules, or the price changes, it is considered that the user has agreed with  such amendment or changes. 

Providing the service, Management System has the right to send notifications to the user, such as information about the program update needs, administrative notices, news, etc.. The user understands that this statement is the part of the service. If the user after the request of administrator does not the update of the program, System Management does not assume the responsibility for the result of the program operations.

Agreeing to the Terms the contract between the user and Management System becomes valid. And Management System confirms that the user data will only be used to make a contract with the user and to ensure its implementation. Management System will not spread user information to third parties or use this data for marketing or commercial purposes. 

Service subscription periods and fees are listed in the website 

After the end of the subscription period, the user has the opportunity to continue to view the data in the program, but to create a new document the user has to prolong the subscription and to pay with one of the offered payment methods by Management System. Management System reserves the right to change the subscription fee. Price changes do not affect the re-paid subscribers till the paid subscription expires. Service subscription prices and plans are available in the website 

In addition to other terms and conditions  the User has no rights to: 1) transfer the program usage rights to the third parties, or make those rights available in any other way; 2) without written permission of Management System to ensure the services mentioned here to the third parties.

Using the Program, the user is responsible for the content entered by the user . User agrees not to use the programs for unlawful purposes or to send the content that is defamatory, intrusive, invasive for another's privacy, threatening, harmful, vulgar, pornographic, obscene or otherwise objectionable, violates religious feelings, promotes racism, contains viruses, or that infringes or might infringe the intellectual property or any other statutory rights.

The user agrees not to use the program to send spam, chain letters or other unwanted content.

Management System reserves the right to discontinue the user's access to the program if there is a reason to believe that the user has used Program for illegal or unauthorized activities. 

The user has the rights to all the content and documents that are created or saved by the user. Unless stated otherwise, Management System has no right to reproduce, publish, distribute or use the contents and documents for commercial or marketing purposes. 

Complaints and claims please send to an e-mail address:

Management System is not responsible for any received penalties or damages caused as  the result of program usage.


The last corrections: 12.11.2013.

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The order has been brought

Since I started to use Orton, I have a feeling a kind of mom finally would have brought an order in my room. Everything is sorted - socks with socks, pants with pants, t-shirts with t-shirts and yet everything has been put in the wardrobe, which I can open from any location, and finally it is clear what is in my closet and what do I wear most often. And at last I understand the truth about where my money melts :)

The order has been brought
Raivis Lankovskis

Simply and effectively

I am in business for 17 years and know what is really important - the promise given to your customer is important. But no less important is to realize how profitable is every deal. It is really great that finally a simple and effective business management system for small business is available, which wont allow to forget any sort of work, will help to control the cost of individual business projects. Even available in Latvian language! Keep it on, Orton!

Simply and effectively
Māris Vesmanis


I can manage my business more productively with OrtonCRM. It is possible to control my business stages effectively and I have more time for direct responsibilities

Guntars Gudermanis


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