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A fee is applied only for those OrtonCRM users who actually are using the system. For example, the fee is NOT applied in the range of 1-5 users, 6-10 users etc. There is no need to pay for those users who do not use the system.

Discounts available - more longer you choose to use the system more cheaper it becomes.


  • No hidden cost

  • Available on all devices

  • Unlimited amount of data

  • The highest security standards

  • Support service always available

  • Fee per single user

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The order has been brought

Since I started to use Orton, I have a feeling a kind of mom finally would have brought an order in my room. Everything is sorted - socks with socks, pants with pants, t-shirts with t-shirts and yet everything has been put in the wardrobe, which I can open from any location, and finally it is clear what is in my closet and what do I wear most often. And at last I understand the truth about where my money melts :)

The order has been brought
Raivis Lankovskis

Simply and effectively

I am in business for 17 years and know what is really important - the promise given to your customer is important. But no less important is to realize how profitable is every deal. It is really great that finally a simple and effective business management system for small business is available, which wont allow to forget any sort of work, will help to control the cost of individual business projects. Even available in Latvian language! Keep it on, Orton!

Simply and effectively
Māris Vesmanis


I can manage my business more productively with OrtonCRM. It is possible to control my business stages effectively and I have more time for direct responsibilities

Guntars Gudermanis


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